Rocking Horse - How It Helps In a Child's Development


In the modern world that we live in these days, most people eyes are glued to computers, cell phones and other digital gadgets practically all day, simply because this is the lifestyle that most of us have grown accustomed to over the years.


But grownups are not the only ones who seem to be highly dependent on technology. Kids seem to have it worse, logging on to social networking sites before they even brush their teeth in the morning, exchanging text messages to people who are barely five steps away from them, and playing video games instead of engaging in sports and other worthwhile activities.


This is not to say that technology is bad. Quite the contrary, it is very valuable but only when used properly. Thus, it is strongly advised that we teach our children as early as possible that there are other important and useful things in life other than mobile phones and video games. So instead of buying your young child their own iPad or the latest version of Xbox for their next birthday, why not give them the gift of a rocking horse instead?


Many parents actually think that they are doing their toddlers a huge favor by giving them expensive electronic toys early on in life but these toys may actually be doing more harm than good. Instead of encouraging healthy physical, emotional and social development, these electronic toys may actually be hindering the same.


A rocking horse, on the other hand, seems to be a relatively simple toy in the midst of all the high-tech gadgets that are available today but it can be much more valuable to a young child’s development. First of all, it offers hours of fun and enjoyment while promoting better coordination of movement, balance and other motor skills. Just a few minutes of vigorous rocking on this toy can strengthen a toddler’s muscles and bones considerably, which they can’t get from video games, even if they play for several hours at a time.


Physical growth is not the only advantage that rocking horses have. These classic toys can also help develop a child’s already vivid imagination, encouraging them to visualize all kinds of adventures as they rock to and fro. Furthermore, there are many modern versions of this rocking horse that include additional educational features like interactive sounds and music as well as very entertaining lights.


Em on her rocking horse by Shan213, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Shan213 


Rocking horses are meant to be ridden by one child at a time so if you have two or more kids who want to use it, this can also be an opportunity to teach patience and the importance of taking turns. Of course, you can also buy two rocking horses so both children can ride at the same time, doubling the fun and excitement. 


Because of all these reasons, there is no question that rocking horses will continue to be included in the most popular toys for kids no matter how many new toys come out in the market. It is also certain that if you buy one for your child, it will be cherished and enjoyed for a very long time.